Spirits and Bitumen

We're opening a new exhibition on the 21st March 2008, 7-10pm called "Spirits and Bitumen". Its a solo exhibition of ELPH's artwork. Hes showing large paintings, beautiful drawings, a life size sculpture of one of his characters, doing some painting in the space and launching a publication of his drawings and paintings. On the 19th we're all painting a piece at the Art School in the afternoon in conjunction with the Mural Society.

ELPH is a Scottish illustrator, animator, graphic designer and graffiti artist based in Edinburgh. He is famous worldwide for his big nosed, “wino” characters that now float and stroll around the streets of the UK. He’ll be painting one of these characters in a mural at the Glasgow School of Art in conjunction with the Mural Society in the week leading up to the show. He has exhibited across the UK and internationally and was recently included in the Tristan Manco, “Street Sketchbook”, published by Thames and Hudson. ELPH says, “There are many mixed ideas in the show, a bit like changing the channel on your cable television every 2 minutes. The show goes from war reportage to booze Britain and then to some weird fashion programs.”

See some work in progress here: