We Curate art/mural projects and exhibitions.

We Create Commissioned art and design work.

We run Education programmes within Community projects.


We are always looking for new artists to work with, exciting art and design projects to explore, and partners to collaborate with. 

To commission us, propose projects or submit work get in touch via info@recoatdesign.com




Founded in 2007 by Amy Whiten and Alistair Wyllie, Recoat started out as a unique gallery space in Glasgow, providing a platform for Contemporary Urban Art and Design in Scotland. 

For 6 years we curated projects and exhibitions, supporting and promoting Scottish artists and bringing inspirational artists here from all over the world. We wanted to make owning and experiencing art more accessible to more people while providing a service that is high quality, professional and fun.

Recoat still stands for the same things, but In 2013 we decided to leave our permanent premises and change the emphasis of our practice, focusing on work in three distinct areas, Commissioned Curated and Community.