Denise Zygadlo - body 9 retrieve

body 9 retrieve_Denise Zygadlo.jpg
body 9 retrieve_Denise Zygadlo.jpg

Denise Zygadlo - body 9 retrieve


Materials- digital print on silk chiffon 

Size- h 463cmx  w 140cm


I moved to Dumfries from London in 1980. Having studied printed textiles at Winchester, my work usually involves printing and cloth. I developed my practice over the last 20 years focusing on drawing and the relationship between the human body and cloth through the use of live photocopied images printed onto fabric.

As a professional member of the Scottish Society of Artists since 2003, I show work regularly in the RSA and also take part in Dumfries & Galloway’s Spring Fling annual open studio event. Since 2009 I have taken part in performance art and incorporated it in some of my own work.

I have had work exhibited in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London and 2 solo shows. 

In 2014 my solo exhibition ‘Wrap’ incorporated a collaboration with a filmmaker and projected video footage onto life sized wrapped bodies printed on silk chiffon. A collaborative performance in the gallery opened the show with 3 performers and a string quartet, to music composed for this purpose. 

I am currently making large collages, combining images of classical sculpture with parts of my own body, transferred onto canvas.

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