Platform and Dress For The Weather were collaborating to turn an unused and unappealing space at the back of The Connie Community Centre in Easterhouse in to a space for everyone to use. They invited us to try to create a mural that brightened the environment. We visited and worked with people using the space to generate ideas and felt inspired by the amazing work happening at the centre, local people able to access all sorts of education. We took the razor wire that wraps its ugly way around the building, a symbol of deprivation and barriers and turned it into a beautiful, valuable decoration. We hope this works as an analogy for the local community and their striving attitude.

The weather, the wall and those huge air conditioning units were againstus but we battled through with the help of Katie Guthrie, Rebecca Cochrane, Christina Kyriakidou and Fern Walker. Apparently we made it feel like Hawai for people living across the park. Not bad for January in Scotland.