Mural at the Riverside Museum

The Riverside Museum (The new Transport Museum) commissioned us to create a drawing mural on their entrance to celebrate the European Museum Awards this month. The drawing was meant to be for one night only but staff and visitors have enjoyed it so much they have decided to keep it up. Get yourself down to check it out. Museum is pretty ace and worth a visit anyway!

Andrew Rae 'Of Beasts and Machines'

We're starting a wee block of solo shows this year, the first being an exhibition of work from illustrator/ animator Andrew Rae which we opened on the 11th Januray 2008. You might recognise his work from Monkey Dust. Him and his lovely wife Chrissey came up and we all had a whole lot of fun, Andrew did a mural, Chrissie soggied the toilet, and we played guitar hero into the night...


Amelia's Magazine did a review for their blog: