Unlucky For Some

As you all know, we opened on Friday 13th July 2007. To celebrate hitting the 5 year mark we are showing 13 artists work in an eclectic group show on the same date this year. The exhibition is called "Unlucky For Some", opens 7-10pm and runs till 12th Aug.
We've selected some artists we've enjoyed working with over the years and some new artists who we hope to work with more, a nod to the past and a look to the future!
Artists include :
Andrew Wightman
Anna King
Bernie Reid
Jamie Johnson
Kirsty Whiten
Nom Kinnear King
Remi Rough
She One

Amazingly it's Number's birthday too, they are throwing a big party at Chambre 69 also on the 13th. So they're coming down to do a pre-club set at our opening as a special treat! Not only that, we're doing a colab, limited edition screen-printed bag full of goodies, 10 will be up for grabs at each venue, first come first served. Make sure to get your tickets for their club night after so we can all go have a boogie.
As ever, a massive thanks to Red Bull for their ongoing support and making this all possible.