The Church of Ram was formed in the summer of 2009. It is a studio nestling between a complex of Baptist churches in the heart of Dalston, East London. It comprises of 9 artists, photographers, designers, textile designers, bike builders, leather workers and furry costume creators.....

Ramaggedon is an exhibition of some collaborative work done over the last year, and some stuff they had lying around the studio.... Including Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, Prints, Leather work, Fabric sculpture and some shiny metallic things....

These are the members of the Church of Ram-

Matt Naylor - Graphic Designer
Gregory Lengyel - Photographer
Kath Leone - Textile Designer
Roofer - Bike builder, Leather worker
Will Barras - Painter
Nick Babaian - Turns Cameras into Lamps
Jamie - Digital Artist
Daniel Halsall - Painter
David Lindroth Anderson – Illustrator

Ramageddon opens on the 14th of Oct 7-10pm. It will then run till the 13th of November open 12-6pm Tuesday to Sunday.