3rd Birthday Party!

The Fool’s Gold Tour and Exhibition just took place, where we took, Inkie and Insa across Europe in one week, painting vast murals in London, Brussels, and Berlin and then exhibited a collaborative show in Warsaw. As you all know!

The 30th of July, is our 3rd birthday and to celebrate we've invited artists from each of the countries we visited on the tour to exhibit in an international group show. The exhibition will encompass work from illustrators, graffiti, street and graphic artists from Poland, Belgium, Germany and England. A selection of these artists, including Inkie and Insa will paint a large mural in the archway that flanks the gallery and the documentary film shot on the tour will be premiered.

Artists exhibiting include Inkie, Insa, Pener, 1010, Veuch, Chazme (artwork above), Sepe (artwork above), and Swanksi.

So exciting, just can't wait!