Sleight of Hand in just a week!

“Sleight of Hand” is a group exhibition that will open on the 7th of May, 7-10pm. The exhibition will be an eclectic one, pulling together artists that come from very different backgrounds and with different styles from all over the world.

Showing is Bristol based, world famous street artist, Mr Jago, now creating vibrant, organic, abstract paintings. These will sit well alongside another international exhibitor, Phil Ashcroft’s angular, graphic paintings. Juxtaposing these styles will be works from the female Sicilian street artist, Microbo, her works a mash of organic, intertwining shapes in pastel colours.

Scottish street artist, Mike Inglis’ simple figurative pieces that explore emotions and rituals that surround grief, death and loss will hang next to the works of ex-funeral home embalmer, and Michigan based artist, Mike Egan’s Southern American inspired paintings with prints from world renowned Dutch tattoo artist, Angelique Houtkamp with their typical, dark yet feminine imagery.

The last three artists could each be classed as Pop artists, all flirting with pop culture, poking fun at or expressing admiration for iconic symbols and imagery within their work. Paintings from Scottish painter Jacob Smith will hang with prints from Portuguese illustrator, AddFuelToTheFire and paintings from prolific street and graphic artist, Vinnie Nylon*.

Check out the artist's artwork here.