Updated- The Bothan Spynetwork

On the 15th of August we’re holding a live paint jam at the gallery from 6pm onwards where SHEONE, O.TWO and Stefan Plaetz will paint alongside REKOR, LYKEN and ELPH. Come down to hangout and watch the magic happen!

On the 16th of August we're opening our birthday exhibition, The Bothan Spynetwork, from 7-10pm. We asked our good friend Scott Wilson of SLAMXHYPE (www.slamxhype.com/blogs/Bothanspynet) fame, to help us curate the show. 25 artists will be showing, you can see them on the flyer above. Participants include New York graffiti legends, Futura, Stash, Crash and Daze, world famous fashion photographer, Fatsarazzi, renowned toy designer, Klim Kozinevich, Scrawl Collective members, OTWO, and Steff Plaetz, tattoo artists, Charlie Shazer and BJ Betts, trainer designers, JB and Mdot from JB Classics Lab®, pop artist, Dave White, and recent Tate Britain exhibitor, SHE ONE.

Not only is this exhibition amazing due to the individuals taking part, it is also one of the rare times where the street culture community will be represented so well, with artists ranging across media, backgrounds, generations and styles, all coming together in a fest of quality, skill and energy.

As if you didn’t want to make it to Glasgow enough, the first 3 people to arrive will receive a VESTAL watch and the first 20 people will receive a limited edition t-shirt that has the signature of every participating artist on the back.

After the opening there’s going to be a RECOAT X GOODLIFE party from 10pm- 3am at the Art School, 168 Renfrew St, Glasgow. Free Entry.

This event couldn’t happen without the following folks, thanks so much guys:

VESTAL watches
Red Bull

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